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These words are imprinted in my mind and the reason why I follow your blog so regularly! :)
Pure Genius.


It's so funny, but I do remember waking up the next morning and hesitating about posting the painting.

you see I have a little voice in my head which always asks the simple question WILL PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE A TOSSPOT IF YOU POST THIS?

I hesitated. Then posted.


So beautifully said. It somehow reminds me of Lisa Hannigan's song.


these words are exactly how I feel when I start to fall for someone


It says everything I feel, that I can't say myself. Is it possible to purchase this on a large canvas, I would love to own one.



What an extraordinary post. The words are powerful and said beautifully. It's exactly how I feel.

Nisha Emich

I don't think I've ever commented on your work or directly spoken to you at all, but in light of you reposting my favourite piece of work of yours I thought I would.

Everything about your blog makes me smile. Every sad scribble or ironic doodle. Sometimes the things you write make my heart swell so much I want to sob and laugh simultaneously. I can't full explain how much I've come to adore abeautifulrevolution, after stumbling upon it about a year and a half ago I still visit everyday. Hoping to read something new or revisit bits of the site. I have numerous images saved that I love to open up when I'm having a bad day, or send to a friend when I think you've described why I want to express much better than I ever could.

This particular post, with these simple, poignant words, are precisely the reason why I love your work. The honesty with which you write, the simple clarity that you manage to put into the world. It's breathtaking and wonderfully, wonderfully beautiful.

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