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Oh. My. God.

Andre, please know that if you ever delete this piece of complete beautifucaliltyness during one of your fiddles, I will hunt you down and, er, well I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it.

Just don't, ever, delete it. Pretty please? It touches my rock hard heart and it won't be the same if I save it to read in notepad.



I will not delete it - I never delete the things I write that make me cry.





they are the only things worth keeping


everything else annoys me the moment I read them on the screen.


It may well be that there is more than just promises worth keeping. We just have to keep faith in our fourth decade and find those things.

ESTD, I know.

Adele is lovely. She may get me over my Duke Special obsession. Or not. He is special, after all.


just a girl



godot didn't teach you anything, did it

( l_l )

Double sniff!


<3 it. cept i'm still sitting up in the clouds, not on a wall!

ps its mah birfday! (:

An Unreliable Witness

Utterly, completely, amazingly, astonishingly beautiful. And, um, I think I've got a speck of dust in my eye. Yes, that's it. Dust.

Miles Away

...and this is your own song instead of the airs and graces caught in nets by others.

(this is very lovely and could make cynics uneasy about their cynicism - there are more beautiful things to ponder.)


Adele has a beautiful voice

as do you

Mountain Goat

Nancy wants to know what kind of sandwiches you have unpacked?


cheese and pickle - nothing fancy


but people are interested in the things you say.

this is lovely...


Camille: people are interested in what I say now - but they weren't


"people are interested in what I say now - but they weren't"

"bloody drama queen"

as you put it to me just now!!


shut it!

what I meant was: I have made some lovely lovely friends over recent times and they sit with me because they want to. and I sit with them because I want to. that is all.


squirrel: n. an agile tree-dwelling rodent with a bushy tail, typically feeding on nuts and seeds. v.; move about inquisitvely or busily


squirrel: n. very randy and not afraid to take on something much bigger than its self

Mountain Goat

{head butts alpine tree}

Nancy says the red squirrels here in the alpine mountains are shy & difficult to spot and do not resemble your common or garden grey squirrel.



Andre is admiring his new Dab radio and lucky pants...


what colour are they?


The DAB radio is white.


so it will match your iHod then

& the lucky pants are red spandex yes?


There is nothing wrong with red


no further comment m'lud


mmm cheese and pickled sandwich sounds great, as long as you have that, getting lost ain't a problem.


hello guyana-gyal. you are so wise.


This is the most touching piece of writing I have read from you in months.


what colour is your couch?


That really is very lovely.
I will wish for your 'someone to make sense of things' for you and hope it comes true. :)

la fille

Wahhhhhh. Truly lurvely. Truly.


Lurked for a bit, never commented 'til this. Wow. Gorgeous. I get you. That is all.


Been there, for two long, then one day, I got off my ass, learned to love myself and everything became special.
Beautiful poem, reminds me of how much I have grown.


so beautiful..

the whole time, all that time
you were talking to me,
I was talking to you too.

..you know I have stopped pretty much everything here...(laugh)..and am more than interested in what you have to say..I want to sit for hours and listen to you...you ARE a joy dropper, I love that...I also really loved everything I read that you wrote recently about mental health and drugs and I agree with it and would like to talk to you about it sometime. What you write melts my heart over and over again...


I am concerned that you have lost someone dear to you recently and I just want you to know that if this is so, because I can't always tell exactly, that you have all my love and my healing and I am there to soothe your pain. I am holding your hand. I am so sorry for you to have to go through this. I know that loss is very, very painful. I kiss you and embrace you from afar. I send you all of my nurturing and deepest love.

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